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February 2007
  CEO Speak
  Theme of the month
  Moulding your dreams into reality
  Getting to the root of aspiration
March 2007
  CEO Speak
  Guiding you to success
  Aspiration Management through
    self actualisation
April 2007
  CEO Speak
  Script Success
  Realisation : Understand the
May 2007
  CEO Speak
  Choosing the career you love
  Listen to your dreams
  Poetic Resignation
June 2007
  CEO Speak
  Interview - Mr. Satish Kumar - VP- HR, Thomson Financials
  Work Vs Studying
July 2007
  CEO Speak
  Interview - Mr. Arun Anthony - A Student of Christ College
  Interview - Mrs. Shilpa C A-Senier Recruiter-Affiliated Computer Services(ACS)
August 2007
  CEO Speak
  Things can only get better
  Straight talk
September 2007
  CEO Speak
  Interview - Mr.Raghu -Resident Director-Ohio University
  Interview - Mr.Venkataraman-Senior Director,HR,Symphony Services
October 2007
  CEO Speak
  Interview- Dr.Srinivas-Principal consultant leadership development,Infosys.
  A view from the other side
November 2007
  CEO Speak
  Interview with Bhavna Raj-Salegen outsourcing services
  Interview with Mr.Vikas Saxena VP,HRD-Valtech
December 2007
  CEO Speak
Win Win situation for all
  Company brand value matters
  Corporate world lacks transparency
January 2008
  CEO Speak
Get the basics right
  Industry-University disconnect
  Industry-Academia must build steady, long partnership
February 2008
  CEO Speak
  No body is talking about SMEs in B-schools
  Hands on training possible only in SMEs
March 2008
  CEO Speak
India's retail story
  Retail offers career oppourtunuties for women
  Attrition is the order of the day.
April 2008
  CEO Speak
Infrastructure needs major thrust
  MINDS-Generating Infrasructure
  Ambition to become infrastructure Managers
May 2008
  CEO Speak
Power Your Future
  Big jobs in a micro world
  Plug the gaps,Selection of Institutes:Tips for the student
June 2008
  CEO Speak
Power Your Future
  Big jobs in a micro world
  Plug the gaps,Selection of Institutes:Tips for the student.
July 2008
  CEO Speak
Civil Aviation
  Redefine aviation training
  Present is Tense:Placement service is poor
August 2008
  CEO Speak
A giant leap-Forward
  A Very healthy career
  Fitness for some affluent class
Some interesting facts
September 2008
  CEO Speak
SME's in IT Product development
  ACL-Best brains in mobile technology
  Cutting Edge research
October 2008
  CEO Speak
Future is tense for MBA Graduates
  The luxury train derails
  Jobs, not high salary ,prime concern of engineering students