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Employers' Domain
If a candidate requires the perfect Organization, the organization too needs the best candidate. We at LCS, provide a host of HR services. The organizations can view our database of applicants, case studies, exclusive survey results etc…
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Register with us
Organizations can register with us to avail various benefits. Only registered members can access our exclusive database. With Job Sites concentrating more and more on candidates and candidate related services, most organizations feel they are left in the lurch. Ours is an honest effort at providing the industry with genuine quality.
Checkout some of the advantages of this unique synergy
Increased awareness of the candidate mindset
Exclusive database of candidates
Each resume is carefully screened and only then presented
An excellent hit-ratio
Lower attrition rates
Better stability
Lowered cost of operation
Faster service and results
Top candidate profiles
We review and maintain the list of applicants on our website and update the database according to their experience, skill sets and preferences. Organizations can choose the right candidate from the listing. Each candidate is counselled, screened, oriented and then presented to the organization
An internal transparent rating policy developed in tandem with the industry, rates the candidates and the organizations based on various factors like preference, compensation benefits, internal policies, market stability etc…
Top Organizations
Top Candidates
Organizations can browse through the list of the candidates that suit their requirements best. A list of candidates aspiring to get into that specific organization is compiled and made available
Find your match
Matchmaking has never been easier or simpler. With minimum divorces (all candidates are screened appropriately for commitment and character), this section is bound to sweep you off your feet. Read on for an array of other services as listed below
Candidate Profile
We provide organizations with candidates that best match the job profile on hand. We study the list of applicants and refine it according to the requirements of that particular organization.
If your firm is searching for candidates with authentic experience in a particular field, we help you in finding them faster. We sort the list of applicants based on relevant experience, well defined by key parameters, aimed towards high conversion ratio between proposals to closure.
We also sort the database according to interest and responsibility holding capability of the applicants. This helps organizations to recruit people who can deliver their best in a particular field.
Salary offered
Our database will help recruiters to find candidates whom they can hire without negotiations; firms can access the database with an option of recruitments in the range of salary they would offer.
HR consulting
We can also help you structure your HR activities to attain greater success in this fluid industry. Some of the services that are on offer are as follows
HR Policy Building
We help organizations build innovative and at the same time effective HR policies, helping to keep focus on their core business We also undertake benchmarking of best HR policies and practices, mainly in the IT and ITES industry segments.
Governance Models
Our team of professionals has developed various management models that suit an organization’s system. We apply these governance models in the stream of your present workflow, bringing about gradual but definitive positive change.
Compensation Structuring
We undertake compensation surveys and benchmarking. We enable Organizations in Compensation and Benefits structuring, including deciding the optimal fixed vs variable components that would best attract, motivate and retain talent.
Performance Management
We strongly believe that performance management is a proactive process rather than reactive as is currently practiced in most of the Organizations. We enable such Organizations to transit from a state of Performance Appraisals to the desirable state of Performance Management.
Retention Management
We can support organizations in developing programs and policies that help in improving employee satisfaction; this ultimately helps organizations to maintain a lasting relationship with employees at all levels of management.
Exit Management
Professional Organizations are those that have the goodwill of their ex-employees. These are the Organizations who count on their ex-employees as their “key ambassadors”, even to attract best talent. However, the reality is that currently, most of the Corporates find it difficult to even receive their exit interview forms filled “honestly” by the exiting employees. We at LCS offer our services to enable Corporates to reverse this trend to healthy levels for both the Corporates and the exiting employees.
Case studies
LCS works on various cases and facilitates firms with case studies on all aspects of People Management. All the case studies are available for download in the digitized format