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Career Management
“Our career rests on building your career”
A good career is for many – a life long search but at LCS, a successful career is certain. Your aspirations and goals will be realized by considering all relevant factors. We will help you choose and make the right decisions at the right moment with the right people.
A very unique feature only with LCS is the ACR (Always Current Resume). This feature allows you to keep your resume up-to-date on a daily basis. You don’t have to spend hours of your precious time creating resumes and applying for jobs – allow us to do it for you
Your life is more organized and simple, simply because we do all the thinking and planning for you.
Check out some of the advantages in adapting our program
Reliable and accurate Market research and surveys
Skills analysis and identification
Learning Strategies
Career Coaching
Facing interviews and role playing
Career Planning
Testing and Assessment
Career Marketing
Mid-Career Redirection
Career Placement
Job Search Assistance
Negotiation skills
Pre-Retirement Planning, etc…
With time, you realize that your association with LCS has been personally rewarding and will contribute to building a whole new improved, successful “you”.