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Candidate Domain
Our primary aim is to understand your requirements and find the right match for you. Our experts will help you setting your aspirations right and then, together we will work towards the set goal. All resumes are individually screened and a thorough analysis of the profile is made. Any additional skills, if required are suitably advised and means and methods of obtaining the same are discussed with the candidate
Your personal details will remain confidential, revealing only as much as you want.
The process is as follows at LCS
Expression of interest
Registering of the candidate
Initial screening by our recruiters
Establishing contact with the candidate
Initiating the recruitment process
Follow up
Register with us
On Registering with us, you can apply to the large pool of organizations that we partner. We will further your resume on the basis of your aspiration of designation, employer, location etc…
Online posting of the resume
A wide choice of Organizations
Expert advice
Instant alert
Easy updating
Pre interview briefing
Briefing about the Company
Ladder Alert
This on-desk feature will be your constant companion and alert you every time your resume is accessed by us or the organization.
Counseling and Direction
We will help you overcome the dilemma of choosing the right career. Our team of experts, with considerable amount of experience in different fields will counsel and guide you through the process
Personal Counselling
Our team of experts with global experience and exposure are waiting to provide you with whatever help you require. These experts have a deep understanding of the mindset of people at various situations. They also have a good pair ears and will provide you with the required inputs. Call us, mail us, meet us
Web Counselling
Do you find difficulty in expressing yourself over phone or mail? We can have a Video / Web conference. We will be very happy to arrange for a Web meet.
E-mail Counselling
  Shoot us a mail; our team of experts will review and answer the same, pronto
Case studies
Look for various articles on issues related to the recruitment process and how one can prepare oneself for the same. These case studies will help you have in-depth knowledge of HR policies and at the same time assist you in positioning yourself in accordance with the organizational needs.
Career Options
The goal is to keep you armed with the latest information
Companies Hiring
A large database of our clients in different businesses is maintained by us. We will provide you with information on t6he latest.
Top Employers
We also study the markets and do a brief research on different organizations. You can make your choice, based on this authentic list of best employers.
Positions Offered
Apart from names of organizations, we provide you with information on the positions available at organizations enlisted with us.
Candidate placement
The services offered include
Online Resume
Resume Evaluation
Reality Assessment
Placement Options
Future Road Map